SHE - Paula

Paula is a dancer, fitness instructor and bodybuilding athlete. She started her journey as a dancer in Brazil where she got her degree in Ballet.

Short after that, she joined the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey circus where she had toured as a dancer for 7 years. A few years later, Paula made her debut in the entertainment industry where she danced for several companies including Disney and Rede Globo (the most important open tv channel in Brazil).

In her last years as a dancer, Paula toured with Brazilian pop star Anitta and performed in several of Anitta’s famous video clips.

In 2015, Paula left her successful dancer career behind to pursue new adventures. She’s earned a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and moved to Nashville, TN with her husband.

Paula currently teaches pilates and has become a body builder athlete. Her persistence and discipline took her to be the Fitness NPC Champ seven times in the past four years.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned ‘cause she’ll share her journey during her takeover after our official launch! For now, check her out at @paulapgn