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Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to talk a little bit about partnership.

A partnership is a very serious and delicate topic in itself. Once you have decided to partner with someone, many questions and concerns may arise. Which skills and abilities should I be looking for in that person? Could it be a friend or relative? How to prevent unnecessary conflicts? How to make a partnership be a strength in your venture?

Although this is not an exhaustive list, we’d like to share some tips on how to get you and your partner on the right track from the beginning:

1- Point out the reasons why you need a partner. Then, use these reasons to determine the skills and abilities you will be looking for when selecting one.

2- Prioritize commitment over skills. While certain skills can be easily developed, the same can not be said about commitment. When responsibilities and duties are shared, you will need someone who you can count on at all times.

3- Choose a partner who complements your skills and abilities. Think about a music band: different instruments complement each other and come together to form a perfect harmony.

4- Always remember that all parts involved are equally important and relevant for the success of your partnership. Each partner will have strengths and weaknesses.

5- Make sure to set the right expectations from the beginning. Conflicts are better managed when partners understands their roles and responsibilities.

6- Be open to receive and give feedback.

7- Although there are many advantages to partner with a friend or family member, it can be super tricky to get through conflicts and challenges when working with someone you are too comfortable with.

8- If you choose to partner with a friend/relative, learn to not take things personally when challenging each other.

9- Choose a partner you respect and admire. The routine may be tough sometimes, so having someone you can look up to may be all you need to push through rough days.

10- A partnership is not all about money, profit, and revenue. It is also about personal goals and dreams, success and failure. So, be kind and thoughtful!

11- Support one another. Sometimes life gets in the way and it is important to be able to rely on  your partner for help and support.

12- Cheer one another. Everyone deserves an opportunity to shine and be recognized.

13- Be resilient. Continue the journey despite all challenges and rocks on the way!

Nanda and Clavia