SHE - Cris Zinelli

Originally from Brazil, Cris is admired by all for her strength and discipline. She is a Nutritionist and owns a Clinic in Porto Alegre – Brazil where she helps hundreds of people achieve their nutritional goals.

With over 100k followers on Instagram, she is also known for her inspiring healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Cris wakes up everyday at 5am and she clearly guides by example! She inspires and empowers other women by sharing her day-to-day activities and showing it is possible to live a healthy and happy life while juggling work, children, marriage, and a lot more…

Cris is, indeed, one of those women you look at and wonder: “How does she do it all?” Well, stay tuned ‘cause she will be sharing her journey with all of us during her takeover after our official launch!!!

For now, go check her awesome work at @nutricriszinelli .