SHE – Aisha Addo


Originally from Canada, Aisha has thrived on working to make the world a better place for women.

Even though she is a graduate in Business Administration-Accounting, her true passion and dedication lie in ensuring girls around the world are provided with the guidance and resources that help them identify their true purpose and calling to reach their full potential.

Aisha founded the Power To Girls Foundation, a non-profit organization to offer young girls the mentors and role models that were absent during her  own youth. As a facilitator and director of Power To Girls, she uses her personal experiences and knowledge to create safe and engaging spaces for the girls she works with.

She is also the recipient of the Young Black and Gifted Award for Community Service and has been awarded several times. Aisha was named a Black Diversity Group Role Model, One of the 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada and she is among the 150 Black Women making history in Toronto.

Incredible, right? But there is more…Founder and CEO of the DriveHER, the ride-sharing service for women by women, is her latest initiative and the next step in her journey to continue to empower and protect women.

How powerful and inspiring! Aisha will be sharing her amazing journey with all of us after our official launch.

For now, check her amazing work at @aishaafua