SHE - Alex

Alex is the Creative Director and Co-Owner of FLWR. A savvy entrepreneur and a lauded florist, she founded FLWR with the humble goal of making a balanced life for herself that is centered on a love of beauty.

Alex’s life in flowers began 15 years ago after hitchhiking away from her traumatic childhood home in Miami to Boston where she got her first job in a flower shop. Her wanderlust and her desire to make a living practicing her art lead her to LA, Central America and New York City.

After working for some of the biggest names in flowers and events for 10 years she moved to Nashville to start a family and her own company.

FLWR was started with credit cards, a second mortgage and a lot of elbow grease. When it opened its doors there wasn’t any money left in the bank.  Thankfully, people came and they were able to keep their doors open for a second week.

Today FLWR is the premier florist in Nashville trusted by the likes of Beyoncé, Dolly Parton, Donatella Versace, Lily Aldridge and countless other celebrities and tastemakers.

Voted best florist in Nashville the past two years by readers of the Nashville Scene and just featured as one of the top florists in the country by Veranda Magazine. FLWR is only 3 years old and Alex is only just getting started.

How incredible and encouraging!!!
Go check Alex’s brilliant work at @flwrshop