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Meet: Kalinka Krenzinger

Today we would like to introduce to you Ms. Kalinka Krenzinger.

Kalinka is a half Brazilian half German kind of girl. Back in Porto Alegre – Brazil, where she is originally from, she worked as a banker during most of her professional life. During that time, she lead big projects and teams with an adventurous mind-set while working in a very traditional industry. Looking for a new adventure, Kalinka decided to listen to her unquiet spirit and decided to embrace a new life in Germany, along with her partner, and start from the scratch. She left behind  her career stability and security to seek a new life and contribute to a better world.

According to Kalinka, it is not easy of a journey to go through a life change like this, but she find it to be very gratifying “when you find and see yourself where you should be”.

Her new adventurer brought to this Product Manager an opportunity to redefine her career, and that’s when she accepted the challenge to become the CPO of a Tech-logistic company in Berlin. Quite a challenge considering this is a male dominated industry. However, Kalinka didn’t let it scare her away and was able to make her star shine as an integrator between business and operations and translate a total “old school market” to a modern technological experience.

From now on, her biggest challenges are: to connect and integrate people, help them have a better communication, empower them and bring calmness into their stressful routine.

Kalinka wants to help and support other achieve their dreams and pursue different experiences, especially the ones out of their comfort zone. And we are so honored to say that she is one of our collaborators representing Europe!

By Kalinka Krenzinger

She lives in Berlin – Germany.

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