Interview : Debora Tessler

Hello girls,

Today we would like to introduce you to Debora Tessler. She is an advertiser who works with Press Counseling for her own company called TSSLR Content. She has an incredible clientele and count with many renowed organizations in her portfolio. Her main market is in Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

Grab a cup of coffee and get to know Debora!

What is your name and how do you like to be called?

My name is Debora Barth Tessler. You can call me Debora.

Tell us a little bit about your work background…

I hold a Bachelors degree in Advertising with an emphasis on Marketing through ESPM and I have done many postgraduate programs and specializations, such as: People Management through UFRGS, Production and Cultural Communication through Ramon Llull – a Catalan University in Barcelona, Group Coordination through SBDG in Porto Alegre-Brazil, Business and Community Leadership through a partnership between INSPER and Conib (Brazilian Israeli Confederation) – with half of the course taken in Sao Paulo – Brazil and the other half in Israel. ​​I also took several courses at Perestroika (Creativity School of Rio Grande do Sul) and participated in several courses of self-knowledge and human development such as Five and Slac’s Professional Coach Certification.

What do you currently do for a living?

I work for the Press Office since 2004. It all started when I graduated and found that my place was not in an advertising agency. At that time, I was writing a lot, I was a columnist for some websites and portals, and so I applied for a position in the Press Office to work as a writer. I went in and worked for 5 years there. It was at the Atelier that I learned about Press Office and where I began my career. When I quit my job, I moved to Barcelona – Spain and live there for one year. I always had the dream of having experience outside of Brazil. In Barcelona – Spain, I worked distributing flyers and selling tickets for a classic Catalan guitar show. I also studied and traveled a lot! It was an incredible and transformative experience. When I returned, I did freelance work in the Atelier and then opened my first company which was focused on communication for the fashion industry. Three years later I sold it to my then partner. I realized that I was helping achieve his dream and not my own dream. I was not happy. As I left the company in 2011, I opened a new company called Debora Tessler Content & Relationship. I worked by myself for a few years, but then I invited one person to join me. Currently, the company is called TSSLR Content.

Have you always worked in this industry?
Always, it’s natural for me. My mindset is geared towards communication.

What was your biggest barrier in building your career?

Look … I think the biggest barrier was my limiting beliefs. It took me a while to see myself as a competent professional and, consequently, to value myself more in the market. It’s that thing: our worst enemy is ourselves.

What is a major future goal for your career, project or company?

In 2015, when I did the immersive experience with the clown Marcio Libar – Accepted Idiot – in Rio de Janeiro, I was able to see what my mission in the world and my purpose in life was. I discovered that I wanted to help people transform their lives. It is to do what I do that I wake up every day… it is what feeds my soul. My goal is to be more and more aligned with this life purpose/mission. I have tried my best to keep myself focused. For me, what does not fit my mission does not make sense for me.

What has been or what is your biggest challenge in your career?

My challenge of 2019 is to achieve a better equation between personal and professional life. I got married last year, I made room for love and for the family and now I want this to be the priority of my life. My husband lives in Rio de Janeiro and we have been living in the air bridge for 3 years. It seems to be cool because we miss one another – and it is nice – but the lack of routine, not having each other to care for, the difficulty of planning things together complicate a lot. So, I choose to focus on love, and this is my biggest challenge for this year because if I do not care about it and be alerted to love, my general side comes and sponsors everything.

What are you most proud of  in your career and/or company?

I am proud of my trajectory so far, and of the person I have become because I believe that we are unique beings, that is, I am one Debora in the personal and in the professional. I’m not two different people. And, I feel a pride that does not fit with me when I see professionals who have passed me by, successfully bombing the world. And, I’m proud of the kind of relationship I develop with each client: straight talk, transparency, dedication, emotion, and working on vulnerability. I use to say that customers end up becoming personal friends, and I love it!

What is your best advice to those who are reading this right now?

I strongly believe that we need to have consistency, work on truth, be ethical  and transparent. When we are loyal to our purpose, without hurting, disrespecting and passing over others… everything works!

What lessons did you learn by living and working in a foreign country?

Living outside Brazil has made me a stronger, more independent and more open person for what I can not control. Besides, it gave me the feeling of belonging to the world, because I created a connection with people in different places. Another very important point is to understand that the world is much bigger than our belly button and the city from which we originally came from.

How do you see women positioning themselves when it comes to their professional career in your home country?

I have lived in Barcelona for over 10 years ago. The world changed … but there, since that time, people are going to the streets. They did not eat crow like us in Brazil.

If you want to know more about Debora or connect with this excellent professional, follow her on Linkedin here or Instagram @deboratessler