SHE - Vanessa Uflacker

Vanessa started her journey in the music industry in her teenager years.
In 2000 she met Claus while singing in a bar in Porto Alegre-Brazil, and that’s when he invited her to join him in his band.

Nineteen years later, the Brazilian Pop Duo “Claus and Vanessa” have traveled the world, released a number of albums and DVDs and have received several awards throughout their career.

Although well known for her talent and distinct voice, Vanessa is also an entrepreneur. Nowadays, along with Claus, she manages the couple’s career, an eye wear collection, a production agency and is now bringing their music to the USA.

Vanessa moved to Orlando in 2018 where she lives with her husband and daughter.

She plans on bringing her music to the USA and continue to touch people’s lives through her incredible musical talent. Wanna know more about her journey?

Stay tuned ‘cause she will be sharing all of it with us during her takeover after our official launch this coming March.

For now, go check her amazing journey at @clausevanessa